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Question: My tap is looking up but why do i still feel scared!?
ok if u saw my other questions about my tap class then u will understand this better!. i haven't gone to my tap class yet !. it is in a hour!. but i practiced some moves and i was able to get a move i wasn't able to get!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ( it was a move when u jump and brush back and step but i cant remember the name) anyway i am glad and i was able to do better wings but i am still so scared! i think i might be having a anxiety attack because i am panicing and so scared!. i am still dreading it!. why am i still dreading it when i was able to get a move!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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It's because your nervous just take a deep breath and calm down, you'll do fine and in a couple of weeks your gonna look forward to tap every week and not get nervouse at all! Oh ya the move you were doing was it a back irish!? anyways don't worry you'll do fine!Www@QuestionHome@Com