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Question: Scared about starting Ballet!?
next week I'm starting ballet, and im really nervous!.!.!.!.!.!. Im really self concious, and my mom reallllly wants me to do dance, so she signed me up!. I haven't done any sports, except for tennis one time, but i was horrible at it, so i stopped!. also, I feel like I'm too old!. Most people start at ages 2-3, and i'm 13!. And I'm started class late, so everyone else in my class will already know the ropes!. I'm the only new kid!. Everyone else in my class are good dancers!. And i know the people in my class, but not THAT well!.!.!. and they already have their group of friends!. also, what do i wear!?!?!? and I'm REALLLLY unflexible! I cant even touch my toes!. SOO unflexible!.!.!.!. im embarassed, even about stretching!. help!!?!!?!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Don't worry ballet is awesome and really fun!. This is your flexible age, I'm your age, my dance teacher says that!. DO some simple stretches like butterfly ( sitting down and putting bottoms of feet together)knee over knee(sitting and putting one knee over the other with legs bent like and overcrossed butterfly) and froggy(on stomach with feet touching (opposite of butterfly)!. Don't try splits yet!. Touching your toes(or trying) while sitting down is good to keep blood from getting to your head, and don't push yourself too hard!. A lot of people start late and they end up really good!. Just give it a couple of weeks!. To be flexible you stretch!. Stretching isn't to show off your flexibility, it's to improve it, so stretching will do more for you now than the other girls because they're already close, or at least that's what you make it sound like!.Wear a black leotard with pink tights, maybe black, but check with the place you dance, because they're more conservative!. A black skirt is good to get, it's a classic!. also going on daily walks is good to get your stamina up for dance, because it takes a lot of stamina!. Go on as long walks as you can!. (in the morning is best) I hoped I helped and dance really is fun!Www@QuestionHome@Com

13 is absolutely NOT too old to start!. One of my dance teachers (who is amazing) started dancing when she was 24!

So you've never danced in your life!. If you're really nervous, maybe you could watch some videos on youtube or something about the basic positions/moves!. That way you will have a slight idea on what ballet is all about prior to your class!.

As for what to wear, different studios have different dress codes!. Most studios' is a black (or dark) colored leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes!. Some studios will also let you wear shorts or a skirt!.

Good Luck! Welcome to the dazzling world of ballet!. =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

First off if everyone in the class is good that should push you hard to exceed their level!. Its a good thing to dance with good dancers!. also if you saw sytycd seson 3, the winner had only danced for 4 years starting at age 16!. she did amazing!. As for stretching, just be sure to relax your muscles while stretching so it will allow a better stretch,even though it hurts more!. What you wear depends on the studio, usually a leotard and tights!. For making friends just talk and get to know them, mabey ask them to help you with stretching or something you learned in class!. Sports like tennis are nothing like dance!. Dont worry and try your best, because if you dont you wont succeed!Www@QuestionHome@Com

you will probably want a leotard (black) and pink tights and a ballet skirt!. and some ballet flats!. and try to put your hair in a bun and if that doesnt work out then a ponytail!. i have been to a couple studios so this is your safest bet to avoid standing out!. some studios will only allow the leotard and tights, others will allow a ballet skirt!. this attire should help being embarrassed or standing out a TREMEDOUS deal!.

until the class, try doing some basic things to help limber you up but dont go overboard cuz then you could be sore and it could be even more embarrassing!. try doing some basic, simple, not to hard or painful things!. try doing things like putting your legs shoulder width apart and let your arms hang!. keep it simple :)

it wont be as bad as you think :) and just try to be confident in what you doWww@QuestionHome@Com