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Question: How can i enjoy my tap class!?
i dont enjoy it at all! it is so hard!. i practice all the time but it doesnt seem to help!. all the other girls in my class are really good while the teacher is yelling at me cause i messed up!. i cant seem to enjoy it i dread it so how can i enjoy it!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Go in to class thinking "To day i'm going to nail this move!"
having confidence is defiantly key!
If you don't get it shake it off and try again!. If you make a mistake and some yells at you it's because they're trying to instill confindence to make you look like you know what your doing!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Don't get yourself so frustrated!. Since you haven't been dancing as long as the other girls, they pick up things a little faster!. I was in your position before!. I started dance in middle school when most of the girls have been dancing for their whole lives!. Just stick with it and don't let them intimidate you!. If you really dread going to the class then it's not worth paying for classes so maybe find a different studio if it's that horrible!. If you want to stick with it then just keep practicing!. If you keep thinking in your head that your going to mess up!.!.!.!.you will mess up!. Don't think about it and just try and enjoy it!. Ask one of the girls to help you and break it down for you to help you!. Most girls would be happy to help!. Good luck! and if you have any questions just ask me!.

your personal best is what you should aim for, dont worry about the other girls in your class everybody is at different levels, you may not be as good as them at tap but i'm 100% sure you beat them in other things and i dance because i enjoy it, do it for the enjoyment factor, your feet make cool sounds and patterns, maybe you could talk to your teacher about helping you out with some of your steps!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

don't worry about what the other girls do! i know its hard but sometimes it helps to stand behind other girls that are really good and you can see what they're doing and that sometimes helps!.!.also make sure that their isnt something/someone distracting you!. depending on how long you've been taking tap!.!.!.maybe you want to try a new style of dance if possible!.!.also always pay attention to the teacher!.!.!.if you actlike you want to be the best in your class(without getting cocky), you will eventually feel yourself progressing toward that goalWww@QuestionHome@Com

i have the same problem!
what i just try to do is attend class as much as i can, and i pay attention to the teacher!. it's still hard for me because everyone's so much better than me, but you just have to make it positive!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i definitely used to be like that, but if you stick with it it will pay off!!!! just work your hardest and once you get it tap will be very fun :)Www@QuestionHome@Com