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Question: How to Spot in dancing turns!
I really need help with this!.
I have been practising and practising, but everytime i do it i still feel really dizzy!.
Ive started with one Pirouette, i look at one point begin my turn
bring me right leg up, when i cant look i spin my head around real quick, and look at the point again, but i still always end up dizzy

All help is really appreciated!

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Hi Benji,

Either way, you're going to be dizzy when you turn!. The point of spotting is to reduce the dizziness slightly, make the turn look nice, but more importantly, help you stay aligned!.

My best suggestion to you to improve your spotting is to first take a colored piece of paper and stick it on the wall to use as your spot!. Then just keep your eyes on the spot and twist your body around!. This will give you a feel of at exactly which position of the head do you personally have to snap your head around!. It is different for every person!. Make sure that even if you're turning slowly, your head really whips around!. You might even get a kink!. That means you're doing well!. =]

Good luck and keep dancing!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

pick a spot in the room before you start,
as you turn make sure that your eyes remain on that spot and nowhere else, when you cannot keep your head there for any longer, whip your head around as fast as possible and focus on the spot again until you have to whip your head around agian !.
hope this helps!Www@QuestionHome@Com

well im not quite sure but maybe you are spinning to fast or your head goes around to quick!.!.!.

if you can start with shenae turns and spot then progress onto the normal pirouettes!.!.!.
maybe ask your teacher because i dont know anyone else that gets dizzy with one turn!.!.

practice the shenaes then progress

sorry thats all i know
hope it helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com

Keep practicing! What I did was make a big star on a piece of paper, tape it to the wall, and just practice! I actually got to two turns from that! : )Www@QuestionHome@Com

find a spot on the wall to focus on, and keep your head pointed there for as long as possible when you turn!.Www@QuestionHome@Com