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Question: Stretching daily for class!?
My dance classes are starting up again next month!. Tap company starts this week, but that doesn't really involve stretching!. This will be my 10th year, and I'm doing regular jazz and lyrical other than tap company!. But I've never been flexible really!. I can almost do a right split, but most other things aren't really that great!. I haven't stretched all summer, and I really need to start up again, hopefully if I do it every day I can become more flexible!.

Does anyone have a good stretching routine!? I know what to do obviously, but it's easier with a routine so I know I've gotten everything covered!. With things such as squats and lunges too, because those are a part of our regular warm up!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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try to practice all three of your splits and try to go farther every day and sit in the butterfly position and push your knees down and try to put your chest flat on the floor it will hurt but thats a good thing!. those are for your legs!. for your wrists and ankles just push them down and roll them in circles
hope i helped!:)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I recommend you sit in second position and stretch every day for 30 minutes to help you get your splits!. That will really help you!. I wasn't flexible at all but I started stretching like that at the end of may and know I have my right splits!.


It's not supposed to hurt!!!

If you feel a stretch that's good, but if it hurts you're going too far and you could really hurt yourself!!Www@QuestionHome@Com