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Question: Should I keep taking dance!?
I take ballet lessons at a school, but I'm a senior this year, so it will be my last year to take at the studio!. I'm still not in the highest class and I'm afraid I will be with a lot of younger girls if I stay!. There is really no way I can get moved up, unless I prove I'm really good!. I think that I am pretty good, but this studio puts a lot of pressure on you; basically if you have good connections or you're pretty, you have a way better chance of moving up to a better class!. Half of it doesn't even depend on your dancing ability!. I just don't know if I should keep taking because even though I love it with all my heart, I go through a lot of judgment and pressure and it can be hard!. If I quit, I will have more time for my job, which is teaching piano lessons!. Please give lots of advice!. I'm so confused on what to do!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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This is my last year of dance too!.!.!.although I'm in the highest class!.
If you love dancing with all your heart, then my only advice to you would be to keep it up!. Don't worry about if you're in a lower level class!.!.!.!.just dance with a passion!.
I know all about the judgement and pressure!. Our studio isn't too bad as far as that!.!.!.but I get it from other places outside of ballet classes!. It's tough and can make you want to quit at times but you need to remember to never let anyone tell you that you're not good enough or not pretty enough or anything!. Don't be afraid to simply be yourself!. This is what dance should be all about!.

Yes!.!.!.it would give you more time for your job!. But would you really be happy!?!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think that you should keep dancing but not at the same studio, if you feel that uncomfortable then take dance elsewhere, but you should always keep dance close to your heart!. also at most studios they offer adult classes, and you don't have to be old to take them, then your with people your age and are still getting the right amount of training:)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Aftrer leaving ballet for two years, I was afraid to go back because i knew that i would be in a class with people who were much younger than me!. I invited one of my friends to join the class (and she invited one of hers), and the class ended up being people around my age!. If you can't do something like that and you absolutely LOVE to dance, just that that you won't be distracted by others and will focus more on your dancing!. Hope this helps!. Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

What you should do is just keep working if dancing is really what you want to do no one would care if you older and if others tease you so what if this is what you want to do than it's you no one else is taking the classes you are not them all you probably are doing is working more on your technique I personally thnk you shold do it because it benefits you not them it's your life what others think or do or say shold have no affect on you or your priorities!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I don't thin the question is if you should keep dancing!.
You absolutely should keep on dancing!. You seem good at it and to enjoy it!.

I think you may want to switch studios!. The criteria isn't very fair!.
If you can't then just keep on going, you only have one year left!.
Enjoy it while it lasts

I think you should stay to it!. because you said that you loved it with all your heart then stay in it to be happy!. even if it means to be with younger people!. who knows that extra few classes might make you rise to the top!
good luck!.

keep doing it!.!.!.!.and if it does not work, then go to another place, that can fit ur hours!. Dancing should be fun for you, not stressfull!.hope that I helped!.TTYL!!!!!!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think that you have some bitterness towards this studio!. I would too if those were the circumstances!.

I think that you should keep taking it if those circumstances (that your studio takes connections and beauty into account) don't bother you!. I've been in the same situation (as an older girl in a class with younger girls) and it pushes you to try really hard to get better so you move up!. But if you're not going to move up even after you do that because you don't have the connections, find a new studio!

Find another studio because you shouldn't go through any undeserved judgment and pressure because of something you can't control!.

Don't quit dancing all together because it sounds like you LOVE to dance!. You just need to find a way to dance without the unnecessary judgment!. You will still love dancing with all your heart if you dance elsewhere!.!.!. possibly even more!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Focus on what you are gifted to do and what you love to do!. For that will be a big part of your personal fulfillment in life!. Don't sweat the pressure (unless it is the kind that is trying to take advantage of you)!. Good, well applied pressure will bring out the best in anyone!. Ask yourself plainly, Do I really feel deep inside that I want to make something of dancing, or is it just an enjoyable hobby!? If it is the latter, focus on your school work!. If it is the former, still focus on your school work but keep on dancing!. Hope to see you on Broadway!.Www@QuestionHome@Com