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Question: When you dance, do you dance to remember or do you dance to forget!?
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isn't that a line from an Eagles song!? lol!. I dance to remember!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Both!. Dance is my outlet!. i do it because i love it and it is fun!. but i also dance to forget pain and hurt, And to remember!. it is a way to express myself and my feelings!. it is something that i am passionate about!.

= ] Www@QuestionHome@Com

I generally dance to forget!. I've always said that dance is my therapy!. I worry a lot and dance is my escape!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I use to sing to forget!.!.But i realized that dancing is a better way to forget my worries if only for a momentWww@QuestionHome@Com

very interesting question!.
I do both!.!.!.but a large majority of the time I dance so that I can forget everything else that is going on in my life!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

its a way to express everything im feeling!.
and its also fun and exciting at the same time =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

When I danced or dance it's for shear pleasure!.!.!.!.!.Professional dancing is a dream long ago!.!.!.!.!.!.!.Blessings YahooWww@QuestionHome@Com

I dance to remember! I have memories of so much fun I would have when I would go out dancing!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

Remember! I want to make a good statement!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

to forget!.

its my great escape!.Www@QuestionHome@Com