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Question: Different salsa dance styles in clubs!?
I've been dancing salsa since I could walk since my family is Hispanic (El Salvador/Honduras) and I know that there are many different styles of salsa within the salsa community!. My question is, say you were to go out salsa dancing in a club, is it more common for people to dance in the performance style or just casual!? Or is there a healthy mix of both!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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That will depend on where you go out!. If you go out in California where the LA Style is widespread you are likely to get a lot more performance style!. It has become such a problem there that certain clubs have even begun to ban acrobatic moves and dips!.

In other cities probably more social dancing!. At congresos maybe more performing as people try to impress other dancers even during the social dance parts!.

If you go to Cuban style salsa clubs you'll get only social dancing!.Www@QuestionHome@Com