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Question: Adult beginners dance classes in Houston, Tx!?
I'm looking for some type of dance classes in north houston, tomball/spring area!.

Any type really hip-hop sounds really fun though!. I have no dance experience though so I need a class that starts from scratch or is alright with beginners!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I just did a quick search (I'm not from around Texas by the way)


C & W Dance Studio
(281) 540-6195

110 N Avenue A, Humble, TX

Talent International Incorporated
(713) 977-3648

6060 Richmond Ave, #100, Houston, TX

Living Lines Dance Center
(281) 955-6867

10990 Ranchstone Dr, Houston, TX

Dance With Stars Studio
(281) 646-1901

829 S Mason Rd, Ste 240, Katy, TX

That's all I found, I'm sorry that I couldn't provide any local help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com