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Question: How can u train your body to do a split
i have been doin yoga and stretches everyday to become more flexible but i still cant my body to do a split does anyone has adviceWww@QuestionHome@Com

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How to Split:

Wear stretchy clothes to stay in the same position without getting too bored!.
Spread your legs as wide as they will go, and sit with them wide for 10-15 minutes!.
Use something to hold your legs in that wide position such as something heavy and wide like a dresser, a wall, or a person(who slowly widens them with his/her legs)!.
Stand every 10-15 minutes and allow the pain from the stretch to wear off!.
Get stretched faster and do more stretches for the same amount of time!.
Repeat the process and allow your self to stretch wider each time for more minutes (25)at least!.
Remember to breath deeply and stretch more on exhales
Avoid bouncing and rocking into position or having someone painfully force the stretch!. You could tear or damage tendons, ligaments and muscles!.
Read this guide on how to do the splits in 3 weeks http://drillobsession!.com/2006/09/03/fle!.!.!. It provides a week by week schedule with specific steps and a list of very effective stretches!.

How to become flexible:

Keep your joints and muscles lubricated by warming up and cooling down!. Do not start with a full stretch without warming up and do not halt into a full stop without cooling down!.
Do stretches every day and work at it progressively!. You can't become flexible overnight!. Work at the rate you are comfortable with, and then slowly increase the difficulty (length of time, length of reach or both)!.
When stretching, do not bounce!. This puts stress on the joints and muscles, as well as creating micro-tears in the muscle fibers!. Stretch slowly and as gracefully as you can!. Make sure the movements are in one fluid motion!.
Keep in mind to include both the positive and negative motion when you stretch!. Keep it symmetrical!. If you are stretching your left, stretch out your right too!. If you are bending forward, bend backwards too!.
Make sure you have supervision if you have no idea what you are doing!. Most martial arts schools and gymnastics classes have extensive stretches and exercises to warm up!.
Get a healthy diet!. Eat more of the green leafy food and the vegetables, and drink a lot of water!. Increase your protein and calcium!. The important thing is to balance everything!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you do the following stretching exercises regularly, they will help you do a split!. It will take time to improve your flexibility, so don't rush things or you could injure yourself!.

Warm up first by skipping a rope or jogging in place for 5 minutes!.

Keeping your back straight, bend down from the waist and try to touch your toes!. Hold this position for half a minute!.

Next, sit down on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you, knees together!. Reach forward, bending at the waist, and try to touch your toes Keep your back straight and try to get your chest as close to your legs as possible!. Hold for half a minute!.

Now kneel down and place your hands on the ground on either side of your body to support you!. Stretch one leg behind you and relax!. Let your body sink toward the ground!. Hold for one minute and then switch legs!.

After each stretching session, go into the split position and see how low you can go!. As your flexibility improves, you will find you can go lower and lower!. Don't strain yourself!. If you feel any discomfort, stop immediately!. Some people are more naturally flexible than others, so don't compare with your progress with a friend!.

Always wear loose, comfortable clothing and sneakers while performing these stretches!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

As you get older, the less flexible you become, because you've only trained your body to be acustomed to so much!. That's why little kids can learn to do center splits in only a week!. So, it's okay to feel discouraged!.
Finally my right splits are all the way down to the ground!. I achieved this by stretching every night, doing lunges holding a split position, and sitting in a straddle while watching TV!. Taking a ballet class also would not be a bad idea!. The simple stretches your instructor may teach you will help loosen up your body and teach you how to isolate certain muscles!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

getting into your split will take lots of time and practice, but if you really want it, continue with your yoga and do these stretches:

sit on the floor with your legs straight out and reach over and grab your toes!. point, then flex, and repeat

sit in a full straddle (legs apart as far as they can go) and lean over to each leg in turn and then the center!. make sure that the backs of your knees stay on the ground!. stay in position for at least 10 seconds in each direction!.

lie on your back with your bottom to a wall!. put your legs straight in the air with the backs of your legs touching the wall and let them fall to each side!. keep your knees straight

do a complete lunge with your hands on the floor and from there, try to fall into your split!. stay as far down as you can for as long as you can!. try to stay longer and farther each day!.

good luck! Www@QuestionHome@Com

lots of stretchingWww@QuestionHome@Com