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Question: Ballet Questions!?!?!?!?!?
I have a few questions about dance and ballet:

1!. i can't seem to have "pretty ballet fingers" what should they look like!?

2!. how many times a week should i take ballet and jazz!?

3!. What other types of dance should i take for musical theater!?

Thank you!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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It's kind of hard to describe "pretty ballet fingers" on here without showing you!.
We call them coyote yawns at our studio!. take your middle finger and your ring finger and bring them down so that they almost touch your thumb!.!.but not all the way!. You just basically want to make sure that your index finger and little finger are always above the other three!.

I would recommend 3 ballet classes per week!.!.!.maybe 2 jazz!? somewhere in there!?!?!?

other types of dance!? well some contemporary wouldn't hurt for musical theater!. actually any type of dance is helpful for that!. but ballet and jazz are definitely the ones that you see the most!. Well!.!.!.and I guess you tend to see a lot of tap dancing as well!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1!.) soft, flow-y, and relaxed!.!.!. they're kinda hard to do, but if you watch them in the mirror when you practice, you can move them differently until you find something that looks pretty and natural
2!.) it depends on how serious you are, usually 3 classes a week in ballet and 2 in jazz are the bare minimum, but the more often you dance, the faster you'll improve
3!.) try tap, or classical jazz, or some places even offer musical theater dance classes

1) You stretch your fingers and hold the index finger just away from the rest but dont over-stretch your fingers, keep them relaxed!.

2) If your interested in a career in dance then u need to take at least three classes a week, i think!. But dont push yourself too far!. I once did a term of three ballet classes and two jazz a week and it was a bit too much for me to handle!.

3) Tap is always good and if your farmiliar with alot of character dancing then you're almost all set!. If u want to, you could try doin a holiday workshop at a theatre or somewhere near you area, it could help you get a few ideas about the kind of skills that are required!.

Hope it helps!Www@QuestionHome@Com

This might seem weird, but look at a barbie dolls hands!. That's what you want your hands to look like when you're dancing ballet!. Soft and flowy, not stiff and jerky!.

I recommend taking atleast two ballet classes a week, and 3 jazz if possible!. You only really need one jazz class a week if you're doing well, though!.


For musical theatre, I would add more jazz classes to the ones I do per week!.

Good luck!


- don't make your hands stiff
- hide your thumbs
- don't cross your baby finger over the one next to it
(that's my worst habit!)

- if you want to be serious, then you should
take at least two, and make sure you practice
a lot at home!.

- jazz for sure!
you'll learn all the fast paced moves
and dance to the same loud, funky songs!.


1!. your thumbs should not be showing

2!. 2x

3!. tap and jazz maybe ballet for balance Www@QuestionHome@Com