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Question: How can I prepare for pointe!?
I have been doing ballet for a year!. I know that it's short but my dance teacher skipped me up two levels and is having me start pointe as well!. I do have good technique, and I have been dancing for more then a year!. (I just started ballet recently though)

I was wondering if there are any exercises that you think I should do!. I will be getting my pointe shoes in a few weeks, but I was wondering if there were ways that I could stengthen my ankles and/or practice to be en pointe!. Thanks!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I've been doing pointe since i was 11 so here is some help to prepare

1!. In Socks/Bare Feet Do Rises in second position lots in soft shoe
2!. Do ballet rises on 1 leg with the other in arabesk position and do about 10/20 on each leg a day - this will strenghten your ankles -!.
3!. Wen you sit down just point your toes- it may extend your arch
4!. Before you go and get your pointe shoes fitted remember to cut those toe nails so you dont get an ingrown toe nail (OUCH)

Good luck - you will love it :) Www@QuestionHome@Com

I remember when they told a couple buddies and I that we were going on pointe!. They wanted us to have stronger ankles, just in case, so this is what they had us do:
Put a textbook on the ground near something you can hold onto!.
Put your toes on the book but keep your heels on the ground!.
Do releves like this!. Do sixteen of these, and then do it on one foot at a time (put the other in coupe back)!.
Now do the reverse!. Put your heels on the book, toes on the ground!.
Flex your feet!. Do this sixteen times!.
There's no need to do the flexing stretch on one foot!.!.!. from personal experience, that doesn't work out well!.
Hope this helps :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

Hii I have been taking pointe for 3 years now!. Here are some great tips you could do:

Practice ballet a lot and remember to take an additonal ballet class when you are taking pointe

Be careful when you are on pointe!. I suggest when you get your pointe shoes do not try to dance on them yet because the teacher has to bend them for you!.

Practice at the ballet bar!. Do excerises like plea's

Hope this helps and good luck =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, I would suggest you could a therma band that you can use
also, Pre-Pointe classes (even when you are on pointe) help streghthen your ankles A LOT!
Just do any exercises that involve on releve and rolling up and down
Remeber, on Pointe, your ankles are alomst unavailable!.
You have to practice rolling down, don't just clumpWww@QuestionHome@Com

im pretty sure you already have toe shoes those help a lot!!! lol

now pretty please with sugar on top answer my question!!!

you need to have a good point to dance well en pointe!.

i have been doing ballet for 9 years now and i only did pointe after my 5th yearWww@QuestionHome@Com

up onto ball of foot and down again on one ft/hold other leg off floor
w a bent kneeWww@QuestionHome@Com

lots of releves!. Do them whenever you have extra time!.!.!.while brushing your teeth, etc!.Www@QuestionHome@Com