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Question: Pole Dancing lessons!?!?!?
Does anyone know of a good inexpensive place to learn pole dancing in the LA areaWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Try here!.

There is plenty in Los A area; however, you need to call around and get price quotes to find the best rate, yet to have the best teaching as well!.

I take lessons in Vista, CA (15 miles from Oceanside/San Diego)!. The normal rates I did quotes on from San Diego to LA ranged from 25 a lesson (or in bulk: 195 for 10 classes) to expensive of 400 every month (2X a week)!.

Check out frommindtobody!.com and Sfactor one of the sites I used for that area to call around!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

There might be a place but your best bet is to go to several places and see how the others do it and then improvise off of them!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

talk to paris or britney, they're both hoes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com