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Question: Should I take ballet!?!?!?
So, Im 15, 5'6, and prob about 110 lbs!. I have been enthralled with the idea of ballet since I was little, and now my parents and sis all want to take dance classes since they started watching So you think you can dance!. Anyway, Am I too old to be just starting ballet!?
Does the fact that I take riding lessons help or hinder my possibility of progressing!?
and, Am I a good height/weight for ballet!?!?!?

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Anyone can dance if they put their mind to it! And your flexibility will definitely help you out in ballet!

I think its really great how a few tv shows are now starting to encourage people of all ages to get active and have fun! That's definitely what our society needs!.

You're definitely not to old to be starting!. We have ladies as old as 50ish just starting at our ballet studio!.

I wouldn't think that riding horses would hinder your progress!. Actually, we have a couple of dancers who ride horses and they are some of the top dancers in our studio!. So there's your answer right there!

And you are an absolutely fine height and weight for ballet!. You sound a little on the thin side!.!.!.!.so be careful!. Sometimes ballet dancers tend to get the idea that they need to be even thinner than they are and then that can develop into eating disorders, etc!. So!.!.!.just something to keep an eye out for and be aware of!. I know from experience!.!.!.!.

Your height is perfect! Ballet dancers come in all shapes and sizes!.!.!.!.many of them being tall!.

Never worry about what people think of you!. Just dance you heart out and have fun! : )

Good Luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Its awesome that you have thought of taking ballet and its an excellent idea!!!!! I would say go for it and you can be any size or weight to be a ballet dancer and 15 is not to old but don't be suprised if 12 yr olds are on a higher level than you because they probably have been taking dance for a long time!.Flexibility definetly helps also if you want to dance so thats good!. I don't think that the fact of you taking riding lessons would matter in this situation either unless you want to take many hours then that might take away!. I hope i helped and definetly go for it!!!!! BALLET ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! Www@QuestionHome@Com

Ballet is not strictly for 5 year olds!. Any one who tells you that you can't take ballet because you're 15 is a moron!. When I was 14 I started taking dance classes, and I'm now 16!. I can say that I turned out much better than people would've thought!. Sure, you'll have to work a little harder, but if you really want to take ballet then you'll do what you need to do!. I must say though, you have to really want to do this because ballet is not easy at all!. It's a lot of hard work, strength, and patience!. One of my goals is to go to a performing arts university, and I won't let anyone tell me that I'm too old to follow my dream!. I will say the same for you: don't let ANYONE ever tell you you're too old for you're dream!. With motivation and dedication, you can truely do anything (cheesy, but true)!.
And you're a great weight and height for ballet!. Good luck to you!Www@QuestionHome@Com

you are not old to start ballet lessons!.There are people who start when they are 18 and become pros!.It would be difficult for you but you can try it for some months and if you think you can't handle it you can try another style,like contemporary or modern!.also the height does not play big role in ballet!.There are ballet dancers who are tall and they are very graceful!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think you'll be fine!. A friend of mine started a good deal later than the rest of us did, and she's the best in our class because she tried so hard!. If you really want it, you'll get it!
You're at a perfect height/weight!. Riding lessons probably helps you balance, although I'm not too sure about it, as I haven't ridden in four years!. I seem to remember being better on my balance after riding, though :3
Good luck if you choose to take it!Www@QuestionHome@Com

the younger the better!. you might have some dificulties with technique but not to the point of discouragement!. im slightly bow legged and this has helped me with turnout as a late starter, if your taking riding lessons then your legs might be slightly bowed as well!. ballet is for everyone so dont worry about your height or weight!.good luck!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

You are never to old to start dancing!. There is a girl at my studio who started when she was 15, and later made it into Barnard College (VERY prestigious performing arts school) I am not going to lie and say it will be easy!.
You need to work extra hard on technique, flexibiltey and things like turnouts!. You also need to learn how to spot and do basic things like plies,tendues, etc!.

But go for it, absolutey!.
You wont regret it!.!Www@QuestionHome@Com

well it would be a lot harder for you to get flexible like all the other girls since they started at a young age, but i'd still give it a try!. you'll have to work much harder but if u really want it, then it will happen!.

riding doesn't do anything!. it has nothing related to ballet!. it wont help or hinder you!.
i'd say ur the perfect weight!. good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yea!.!.!.if you really want to try it!.!.!.go ahead!.!.!.you will have to try a little harder to be as good as the others that started a little earlier!.!.!.but if you set your mind to it!.!.!.YOU CAN DO IT!!! And yea!.!.!.thats a good height and weight!.!.!.you must be really skinny!. Www@QuestionHome@Com