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Question: Where is the best belly dance/bellydance school in Orlando or in Central Florida!?
Hi, I am looking for bellydancing classes in the Orlando area--who is the best belly dance instructor and where are the classes located!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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BellyUSA has the BEST instructors and a really good curriculum!. They teach all over Orlando too! I take lessons in Oviedo,but you could also take lessons in Baldwin Park with their Baldwin Park Bellydance!.

The teachers are really nice and you learn a lot!. I made a lot of friends!. The website is www!.BellyUSA!.com

I think starting next year they are also going to have Winter Springs Bellydance, Lake Mary Bellydance, Altamonte Springs Bellydance, and Avalon Park Bellydance!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You might want to start by checking with a gym or recreation center in your area!. Sometimes they have dance classes, and those teachers may also do private lessons!.

You can look on Shira's website!.

other websites where you can look for teachers


You can e-mail or call some of the dance instructors to find out what ages they teach in their classes, more about their background, their style of instruction, what they expect from students, and fees they charge for classes!. If you don't find a teacher listed for your area, you might want to contact one from the websites and find out if they may know of an instructor who may live closer to you!. You might want to see if you can contact other students of theirs to get their opinions of the classes!. A good teacher should encourage this!.

I hope you find a teacher that you like!. If one teacher's style doesn't suit your learning style, try another!. I've known some dancers to take awhile finding a setting that worked for them!.
Good luck!!Www@QuestionHome@Com