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Question: How can I loosen up!?
I've taken tap for 7 years, jazz/ballet for 5 years, and hiphop for 4 years!. I've had to quit all of that :( But now, I'm on my highschool's dance team and we mostly do hiphop!. When I dance, I get the moves and everything but it doesn't look good because I dance kinda stiff!. Any tips/suggestions on how to NOT be stiff!? ThanksWww@QuestionHome@Com

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i've danced for around 10 years and i had that problem until like 2 years ago!. i guess the biggest thing is that you have to commit to each of your movements!. just knowing them isn't enough!. once you start a movement you have to finish it!. you can't be timid or just complete the moves "well enough"!. you have to really go for each and every move and commit regardless of whther it's a little off, or you can't quite remeber what's next!. that got rid of the stiffness and incompleteness of my dancing!. i hope this helps!. good luck!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

don't think about your moves so much,
practice, practice, practice, until you don't even have to think about your timing or what move comes next,
practice so that each move seems natural to you!.

just get back to when you used to dance all the time and it was second nature


Try playing all different types of music and improve to them!. Then you can get a feel for different types of moves that aren't choreographed!. also try to add your own style to you choreographed movements!Www@QuestionHome@Com

when you practice, make the steps and your arms OVER-dramatic- you'll be able to loosen up more for performances!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

your should stretch and try to dance ''OUT'' instead of dancing ''IN'' !.!.what i mean is try to make things bigger and louder and wider !.!.u probably wont seem so stiff