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Question: If you go to dance conventions!.!.do you know any of these people!?
In the past year I've been to 4 dance conventions!. I got classes from Tyce Dioro and Lauren Gotlieb from SYTYCD!. I got a class from Nancy O'Meara who coreographed Ashley Tisdale's "He Said, She Said" Geo Hubela who was in the Wedding Singer!. And a few other names are Dena Rizzo, Hayley Mac, Tommy Alexander, Barry Youngblood, Angela Carter, Mary Beth Hanson, Jerry Rose, Natilie Kane, and Deryl Retter!. The conventions were Showstopper, Dancemakers, co dance, and Dance Caravan!. lol I'm just curious if anyone else knows any of these people!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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OMG!!! I just got back from Dance Caravan!!!!! I had Jerry Rose, Barry YoungBlood, Quentin Bolden, Hayley Mac(always with the fedora), Angela Carter, MaryBeth Hanshon, I also had Michelle Kittrell, Lorree Russeau, and Janet Mathie!!!!!! I was in Advanced Classes!. I got there signatures, I absolutly loved Barry,Quentin,Jerry, and MaryBeth!. and They were all great with my li'l bro and sis in Beginners!. What dances did you do!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com