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Question: Cheer and dance!?!!?!!?
i am a 12 year old girl! i took dance for awhile but i quit cuz there was a recital and i cant stand being in front of ppl!. I took guitar but quit that cuz i am going to be on the cheerteam this year! do you think that with all my cheer practices i would have the time and energy to do both and also some tumbliling!i have not alot of energy but!.!.!.!. How also do you think that i could ask my mom and dad to let me start dance and tumbiling!! i want to be active!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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well im a 15 year old cheerleader n if quit dance cuz u were affriad 2 b n front of alota ppl then cheer iznt 4 u but tell ur parents that tumbling n dance will help u wit ur cheer skills becuz truthfully it will!. u prolly gonna have 2 do like 2 dance routines n if u really wanna sho ppl how good u r its nice 2 no a couple of tumbling tricks but i dont think u will have time 4 guitar after that! hope i helped!Www@QuestionHome@Com

when i was your age i did dance and cheering and i was leaving cheering early and coming to dance late and i also have lots of energy but it was very stressful so i decided i loved dance more the cheering so i dropped cheeringWww@QuestionHome@Com

our coach for cheer is doind tumbling at practisesWww@QuestionHome@Com