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Question: Dance move information!?
so i think it's a hip-hop dance move and it's a more recent move but it's very hard to describe, so please bear with me! the move is very simple and involves the dancer having one foot about hip-width apart in front of the other foot!. the dancer then moves their hips or sometimes upper body and hips back and forth!. the hips tend to "snake" or undulate while doing the back and forth motion!. the dancer stays in that foot- in-front-of-the-other position until they are done!. does anyone know the name of the dance move with that horrible description!? any help would be appreciated! thanks!
the dance appears between :55 seconds and :59 seconds in this video by Ciara!.


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lol!. Don't worry, I had a very fun time reading your description!. :D I believe that dance move doesn't actually have a name!.!.!.I think it was just a random move a self-absorbed choreographer made up to make Ciara look sexy!. lol!. I'm sorry, I'm probably not that much help!

Have a great day!Www@QuestionHome@Com

hahaha ur so cute!.!.u could have just described it as a side lunge with a forward and backward swinging motion!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you actually wanna dance like that!.!.!.!.

god help your soul!.Www@QuestionHome@Com