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Question: How long untill my turnout really improves!?
so i have ben doing the frog positon, and i can get down farther!. but not all the way!. how many times a day should i do the frog!? and how long!? and how long until i REAAAALLY see an improvment!? who ever is really imformative gets 10 pointes!!!

PS its a long story but i HAVE to have good turnout, by maybe like marchWww@QuestionHome@Com

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have your feet turned out whenever you're standing around, and be in the frog position when you're watching TV, reading ,or drawing!.!.!.!.!. i hope this helps!!!
and march is a loooonnnggg time away =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hip flexibility IS important for your turnout, but like with anything, what good is flexibility if you don't have the strength to use it!?! SO, one good exercise that helps you to improve your turnout is ron de jambe a terre!. When done properly, your turnout WILL improve!. Some things to think about to make sure you're doing it right:
1!. Keep your hips still and keep them square!.
2!. Don't sit in your hips, stay lifted (just think of standing up super straight without tucking or arching your back)!.
3!. Keep your supporting leg activated, don't ignore it, it is just as important as your working leg, it needs to stay actively rotated from your hip!.
4!. Keep your ron de jambe leg rotated as long as possible, and don't let it turn in when you reach the back!.
5!. Reach out as far as you can with your ron de jambe leg!. Imagine a circle on the ground just outside your reach and reach for it with your foot as much as possible!.

One last thing, some other stretches to do:
1!. Sit down!. Bend your left leg so the bottom of your foot is on the floor!. Put your right ankle on top of your left knee!. Gently increase the stretch!. (This exercise stretches the rotator muscles, so that they don't get tight and can help you turn out easier) Repeat on other side!.
2!. Sitting down with your legs parallel, reach for your toes (or past your toes)!. Then let your legs relax in a turned out position (as far as they will go), and keeping your legs straight, reach for your toes again!.
You can hold each stretch for 1 minute, or 30 seconds after you start feeling your muscles stretch out!. I'd go with 1 minute!. also, you can do these stretches 2x a day (in the morning, and in the night)

Good luck! Work hard and you'll definitely get it by March!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Okay so you've been doing the frog stretch right!? Stay there for at least 5minutes and have someone push your HEELS down to the floor!. also, try sleeping in the frog stretch, i know it sounds really silly and weird, but trust me, once you're asleep it won't matter!. If you do the stretch whenever you are on the ground (even when you're watching TV) you turn-out is SURE to improve by March, i mean, that's like eight months from now!Www@QuestionHome@Com

get an adult or somebody at your dance studio to do this!.!.!.

put your feet into a pike postion on the floor
point your feet
have your partner press down on the top of your foot
hold for 30 sec!. to a min!.
flex your foot and massage bottom of foot for 30 sec
repeat daily

hope i helped!Www@QuestionHome@Com