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Question: Ballet or Jazz dance classes!?
Next month I finally get to go to Dance Class! [I'm 12 years old, about to be 13 in September!] I've been wanting to join ever since I was younger, All my friends say It's extremely fun!.!.!. I'm taking Hip-Hop for sure but I also want to take a second class!.!.!. Should it be Ballet or Jazz!? I'm not sure!. Here's some questions I have about Dance too!.!.!.

1!. Is Ballet hard!? Does it hurt your toes a lot!?
2!. Do you HAVE TO wear the pink tutus and stuff!? Can't you just wear a black stretchy dance thingy or something!? [XD That sounded so immature]
3!. If you took Dance Classes, was Jazz fun!? What are some of the moves called!?
4!. What do Ballet and Jazz have in common!?
5!. Would I lose weight by Dancing!?
** Add any other info you know about Ballet**

Thank You so much! :]Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
1!. Ballet is a very demanding style!. You must be serious about your training!. Ballet is the basis and foundation for all other dancing!. (Jazz, lyrical, tap, ballroom, and yes!. !. !. Hip Hop) It can be hard, but also very rewarding once you see your progress!.
2!. No!. Tutu's are usually for small children and recitals!. You will probably wear some sort of uniform!. Usually Black leotard and pink tights!. And pink ballet slippers!.
3!. Jazz is very fun as well!. It's extremely aerobic!. Meaning you'll be moving a lot and sweating a lot!. You'll also get to dance to popular and contemporary music!.
4!. Ballet is the foundation of Jazz!. They will both have similar turns and leaps!. Pirouettes, Plie's, Releve's, Passe's, Pique's, Jetes, Battements, and Pas de Bourrees!. Check an online dictionary for the proper pronunciation of these terms!. They sound different than they are spelled!. (The French!)
5!. You most likely will lose weight by dancing!. Unless you are extremely underweight for your body type and height!. In that case, you will probably gain a little weight in muscle and tone!.

My personal advice: Try ballet!. Ballet and Hip Hop are on opposite sides of the spectrum!. You will be a better dancer in Jazz (later on) if you have a strong foundation in Ballet!. Ballet will also help you in Hip Hop because it makes you aware of your body, balance, composure, and memory!. It is a discipline, but a truly worthwhile one at that!. Good Luck!. And who knows!?!?!? You might like it!. :-) Have fun!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Answers to your questions:
1!. Yes it is hard!. Ballet does not hurt your toes (that would be point)
2!. You do not wear pink tutus, most schools have you wear a black leotard (no skirts)!.
5!. Yes you will lose weight dancing (especially ballet)!.

Ballet contains the basics for all dance!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes, it's hard--very hard, and a lot of work!. But, it will make you an all around technically better dancer!. Yes it will get you into awesome shape!. If you like the long lean look, both types of dancing will do it, but especially ballet!. No, you don't have to wear pink tutus!. Ballet class might require a certain color leotard, but mostly it's basic dance wear, leotard and tights!. Jazz rocks--it's more of the dancing you see in Broadway shows!. Many jazz moves are require you to know ballet!. You can't be a good jazz dancer if you can't point your toe during kicks or jumps!. Ballet works all those little details!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1) It can be hard!.!. once you get used to it though it's second nature!. It's just very structured, that's all!. Pointe does hurt your toes!.!.!. but not all of the time!. Other than pointe!.!.!. ballet doesn't hurt your toes!.

2) If you're planning on being in performances / recitals!.!. you will most likely have to wear a tutu!. But they're not that bad!. For practice you can usually wear a black leotard!. It depends on the studio you're planning on taking dance classes from!.

3) Jazz is a lot of fun! Too many moves to list!.!. haha

4) Ballet is basically the foundation for dance!. A lot of the technique used in ballet can be used in jazz!. There are a lot of similarities in ballet & jazz in turning, jumping!.!. etc!.

5) Yeah you could possibly lose weight!. It will definitely help to keep in shape! As long as you eat healthy while dancing, you will most likely be more toned & lean!.

Pro-ballet: It helps a LOT with dance structure, balance, coordination, and (like I said) it's the foundation for all dance!.

Cons: It's usually stricter than jazz, and sometimes not as fun!.

Pro-jazz: A lot of fun & personality is incorporated in jazz! Helps with your performance quality as well!.

Cons: Jazz dancers that have not taken ballet usually don't have as great of technique as ballet dancers have!.

So, if you just want to take dance classes to have fun and take it lightheartedly, I would definitely recommend taking jazz!. If you're completely serious about a dance career, I would take ballet!
(Or take both!!?!!?!) :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

It depends on your goals!. If you're not sure, start with jazz!. See how you really like dancing!. If you know it's something you want to take seriously, get into some ballet!. It will be your foundation!. You don't need to train to be a prima ballerina, just get a good sense of the basics, and some strong technique!. To answer you more specifically -

1!. You get what you put in!. You can make anything as hard or as easy as you want - effort is what makes a difference!. Generally speaking, dance is physically demanding (duh), but I think concentration and coordination are the hardest parts!. Ballet will only hurt your toes if you study long enough to take pointe!.
2!. Dress code depends on the studio, although I don't think anyone is required to wear tutus ever!. At least not in class!.
3!. Jazz is a lot of fun!. You'll learn the moves if you decide to take it!. You can probably youtube it or something too!.
4!. Ballet and jazz have ballet in common!. Like I said, ballet will be your foundation!.
5!. Even if you mess up all the time, you will lose weight!. Dance is the ultimate full body workout!. No matter what kind of performance I'm doing, I always like to warm up with a ballet class!.

Whatever happens, I'm sure you will have an awesome time, just go for it! Best of luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com