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Question: How long and how much training does it take to be able to do pointe!?
I've had a few years of ballet training and other dance training and I'm willing to work for it but how long does it take!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Well, I've been taking ballet since I was 3 and when I was 11my teacher let me start point so!.!.!.yeah!. Your feet have to be REALLY properly developed in order to be able to go up on pointe without injuring your feet!. I'm not sure if a few years will be enough!. I would suggest waiting a couple more years until you know and feel ready to go up!. It takes a lot of stretching and hard work!. Since you have had other training I would wait maybe one or two more years!? See a dance teacher or a professional!. It sounds like you are really dedicated, so I'm sure you are willing to wait a little for you to go up on pointe!.
Good luck and keep at it!

i have danced about 2 1/2 years to 3 years of ballet!. but i did 8 years of gymnastics competitively so it disciplined my body!. if your willing to work for it that's so great!. i thought i would never be able to reach pointe!. i was so bad at memorizing combinations and terms!. so i got a book called: classical ballet technique, another called the pointe book to learn further about pointe!. the ballet book shows u all the positions name and pictures on how to execute them correctly!. i train everyday 100 toes raises to straighten my ankles!. this helped alot!. trust me!. you will go en pointe if u keep it up!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I danced for three years before I earned my pointe shoes, but it really depends on the person!. You have to have enough strength and the proper technique so that you can still dance well, without screwing your body up!. It also depends on your age!. Usually people start after they 12 because that's when the bones in our feet and toes have fully developed!. Your teacher must be confident that you can handle pointe before they give you the long awaited for proof of talent, or pointe shoes!. It's a wonderful feeling when you finally do get them, you feel accomplished and proud!.
Keep dancing and you'll get them soon enough! =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I asked the exact same question a minute ago! One person gave me great advice that I'll share: You should ask your instructor if you're ready for poine!. Most girls start at age twelve or after five years of training!. I say go for it if you're ready! Hope this advice works out for you!!

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