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Question: Sore Hip !.!.!.in Dance!?
I have a really bad sore on my hip !. its right where my leg conects to my hip!. When i strech it hurts and its stoping me from doing the splits ( which i need this year ) !.

What do i do to stop the pain so i can strech and do splits without it hurting !?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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AH, i have this right now tooo!
i took a few week break and babied
it alot, and now the pain went down
alot, but when i do leaps and foutes
and stuff i can still feel it, it was bad
cause this happened in the middle
of competition season and perfroming
on stage hurt so bad, i just had to push
through it, and i would get off the stage
limping! since i was taking a break on
that leg, i was using my other leg, which
wasnt my good side, alot more, which
actually helped make my bad leg stronger,
but taking a break is a really good idea,
then if its still hurting after a break on it
for a few weeks, go see a doctor, they can
help with physical therapy and stuff, injuries
in dance suckkk, but there very common,
good luck !Www@QuestionHome@Com

i had that for a while last year!. do the onclosh ( srry cant spell) to the side ( put leg in second and bend swing back and forth from the side if that makes sense) plies help!. stretching help, remember rice ( rest,compresion,ice and elevation) that should help if it doesn't you should probably see a docter!.
may God bless you and everyone you love!Www@QuestionHome@Com

well u can use ice, a heatiing pack, or rest it out try to streach harder next time hope this worked byeWww@QuestionHome@Com