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Question: Ballet companies with residence dorms!?
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There are no ballet companies that maintain their own residence dorms!. Why do you ask!?

If you're asking in terms of summer intensives, most programs outside of NYC and Chicago make arrangements with nearby colleges for their dance students to stay in the college dorms!. But for housing during the academic year, the "year round" students must make their own housing arrangements!.

There are a few exceptions here and there!. SAB, which while they are affiliated with the New York City Ballet, has a dormitory for year-round students, but they aren't a ballet company!. Likewise, the Rock School in Philadelphia has created both an academic and residence program for a select number of year-round students and houses them in an apartment building across the street from the school!. While the Rock School was once the official school of the Pennsylvania Ballet, the two organizations have since parted ways, so again, this is not an example of a ballet company having dorms!.

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