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Question: What stretches can i do that will help me get into my splits!?
ok i am a dancer and a cheerleader!. once in a blue moon i can get either my right or left split!. but most of the time i cant even if i strech a lot!!!but i can NEVER get my middle! what stretches can i do that will get all 3 of my splits!. how long will they take!? and how often do i do the stretches!? thank youWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Just try to do them all for about 30-45 minutes each day, so that you are stretching your legs as far as they can go!. So everyday it will become easier!. It may take like a month or so!. Don't expect it to be something really quick! -Good Luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

to help me i bend my front leg and sit it looks like a split except the front leg is bent
also splits against the wall help too!.!.!.
if ur a dancer at dance place on of ur legs on the higher bar and slide into a straddle!.!.
what helps me the most is grabbing one leg and pulling it into a split while standing
also the hamstring stretch works well
lying on your back pull one leg toward your face with both hands while keep the other leg straight and pointed every 2 counts of eight bend your leg down for a count of eight and then straighten up!.!.after about 4 times of doing that flip over into your split
for your side split lie on your back and put your feet in the air beat your foot and drop into a straddle 8 times and then hold there with your hands for either one or two counts of eight then repeat!.

hope i helped
if u spend a least an half hour every day doing this for a week or two u will probably have a split

when u get ur split still continue to stretch because u can loose ur split a lot easier then u get it

i had mine 4 a year or 2 and then lost time over a week or two of not stretching

also if u do sports like soccer and track u may not get your split for a while because they work the oppisite muscles dancers use

good luck! keep stretching!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

sit on the floor with your legs in a V as wide as you can!. try get your chest and stomach to the floor, rather than your face!. lift your butt off the floor as well, that'll help you get down farther!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i dont know!. but i wish i did because i would love to be able to do splits!. so if you knoww any ways!. please let me know!. thanksWww@QuestionHome@Com

I would do all 3 splits for about 45 seconds everyday!.!.!.Seriously that will help so much!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Here are some stretches that just might help!.!.!.hold each one from 30 sec!. to a min!.

V-sit: sit with your back flat against a wall!. Bring both legs as far back to the wall as you can and keep proper posture and straight legs!. While keeping your posture, bring your back down towards the floor as your arms reach out in front of you (not down) as far as possible!. Feel the stretch!. Do this first pointing your toes, then flexing your feet!. Try moving your legs out further as you go on!. also, you can reach out towards your right and left legs!. Remember to breathe!
Straight leg stretch: Basically, keep your legs straight and feet together!. Stand, and without bending your knees, reach down as far as possible!. Put your weight on your toes (not your heels)–this feels a bit unnatural at first, but it is the proper way to stretch!. You can also do this one sitting!. Sit with proper posture, legs straight out in front of you and ankles together!. Reach out with your arms!. Do this both flexing and pointing your toes!.

Sideways stretch: Ok, so you’ve probably figured out that I’m making up names for the stretches as I go along!. Pretty creative, eh!? Anyway, the “sidways stretch” goes like this!. Stand in the straight leg stretch position!. Now bring your right leg out in front of you (like you’re taking a step forward) about two feet!. This doesn’t have to be precise, just as long as you’re close!. Stand up, keep your posture back!. Now reach down to your right foot, keeping your posture back and your hips in line!. Your hips shouldn’t shift to aid you in your stretch!. Go down slowly, and if you hips shift, come back up and try again!. Go as far down as you can without shifting hips!. After doing this for a minute, bend your left leg and continue stretching to your right!. Now switch legs!.

4 Stretch: Named because it looks like a number 4!. Sit down on your butt and put both legs straight out in front of you!. Bend your left leg so that your left knee is on the ground, your left foot also on the ground with the flat side touching your right knee, and your right knee is straight with toes pointed!. See the 4 that your legs make!? Stretch, with proper posture, to your right leg!. Reach out with your arms, as far as you can!. After a minute, remembering to breathe, of course, flex your right foot and continue reaching out for another minute!. Switch legs, and repeat!.

Standing V-leg stretch: Stand up, posture back, with your legs shoulder width apart!. You can go a little wider if that’s more comfortable for you, but try to keep it as close to shoulder width as possible!. Bring your straight arms between and beyond your legs–reach back!. also reach to your right and left legs!. Reach down the center, too!. As with the straight leg stretch, keep your weight over your toes rather than your heels!.

Half squat: Squat!. Keep your right leg where it is and place your left leg straight out your left side, toes pointed, as if you were doing the center splits with your left leg!. Put your right hand on the ground to the left of your right foot!. Use your right elbow to push your right knee out!. You should feel stretching your inner thighs!. Switch sides!.

Now Do The Splits!!! Do them each side and hold for one min!.Www@QuestionHome@Com