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Question: Is there any way i can learn to do some fun dances without taking dance classes!?
i'm going to take tap, ballet, and jazz classes when i go back to school, but for the summer i can't take them!. are there any free websites that will teach me how to dance and lose weight so i can keep in shape!? thanks!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Hey Hun, i know how you feel being stuck at home with nothing to do--coz my dance school is closed in the holidays too!.!.!.

There's heaps of ways you can learn some cool routines without actually going to dancing!.
YOU TUBE is absolutely great because sometimes teachers actually video tape their classes performing their routines(but it can be inda hard to follow along because thier not going step by step--but you might see a couple of moves from their routines that you like and ccan maybe choreograph your own dnace with)

Sometimes on youtube people put step by step things on how to do dances to certain video clips like for example

How To Dance: '1, 2 Step' Ciara music video by Corey Vidal

I higher recommend you surf you tube--theres so much on there!.

also, If you buy the DVD of Honey(the one with Jessica Alba--gorjuzz girl) there is actually a section in it called special features and if you click on the link called "Dance like Honey" the choreographer who chorograped the movie goes into like a 20 min dance class with you and she teached you a hip hop routine thats about 42 counts--i think it would be a real help for you!!!

Check it out--and email me when you get it and tell me how you went!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

i dont know about websites sorry but
my advice is to buy a few dance dvd's!. i have some
good ones from Pineapple dance studios and im sure they
sell different ones in dvd stores etc etc!.
you are in your house and you can keep fit as well and do what you like doing!.
hope you find some good ones, xWww@QuestionHome@Com

im not sure about free ones but you can buy dance dvds and there are a thousand different types you can choose from

for the free ones try searching videos on youtubeWww@QuestionHome@Com