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Question: Can anyone give me info about belly dancing with snakes!?!?
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My instructor performs with her snakes!. Hers are red-tail boas!. (they are constrictors, they aren't venomous with long fangs) You should raise the snake yourself, if possible, so it knows you very well!. Handle it regularly so it is comfortable being handled by you!. You shouldn't perform while the snake is shedding!. Never "share" your snake with anyone else!. If the snake doesn't know someone it will be stressed out!. Practice your performance with your snake!. Both of you will understand and interact with one another better with time!. also, these snakes can grow quite large and become quite heavy, so you'll need to have the strength to handle it well!.

If I can contact my instructor, I can ask her more about this, and add it later!. :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Ask Zaid, the snake master
He has a degree in belly dancing and zoologyWww@QuestionHome@Com

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