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Question: Do you have any tips on splits!? I also have a question!.!.!.!?
OK, First off, do you have any tips or tricks to get your splits down really quickly!? Like, in 10 to 20 days if I do them everyday!?

And, eventually, when you have your splits down, will you be able to go into them and not feel a stretch anymore or just a tiny bit!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Splits in 3 weeks (worked for me!)

Week #1: Reserve thirty minutes a day to stretching Warming up before you stretch is very helpful because it makes your muscles warm and easy to stretch!.\

Session 1: 15 minutes!. I recommend that you get this over in the morning!. I recommend that you stretch one minute (at the very least) for each stretch!. Remember: the splits are not dependent on one muscle!. Helpful stretches are listed and described at the end

Session 2: 15 minutes!. This one I’d say to do before you sleep!. Do not slack off because you’re sleepy or tired!. Brush your teeth, stretch, then sleep!. leave at least 2 hours in between sessions!. You need to gain flexibility, have some time off, then work back on the flexibility to regain it and improve it!.

Week #2: Keep up with the same thing as week one, but now stretching time is increased to 45 minutes a day!. That means there is now a session in between–session 1!.5 should be done after school, work, etc!. And if not, leave 2 hours in between sessions!. You should really start noticing that you’re getting close to the splits!.

Week #3: Increase your stretching time to one hour!.
This is same as week two, with another session!. This is the between dinner and before bedtime one!. The free time that you have after dinner and before your last session should be used for an additional 15 minutes of stretching!. After the end of this week, you should be in your splits! Yipee!

If you’re having problems or not noticing any improvement, try other stretches!. Again, a variety of stretches is your best bet!. Remember to sit in the splits, or as close as you can go (I know it hurts, but how else can you get it!?)!.

Tip: Stretch when you’re doing an inactive activity, like the laundry, reading a book, watching TV, or talking on the phone!. This should be apart from your sessions, which require 100% focus!. Extra stretching is always beneficial!

Some helpful stretches:

V-sit: sit with your back flat against a wall!. Bring both legs as far back to the wall as you can and keep proper posture and straight legs!. While keeping your posture, bring your back down towards the floor as your arms reach out in front of you (not down) as far as possible!. Feel the stretch!. Do this first pointing your toes, then flexing your feet!. Try moving your legs out further as you go on!. also, you can reach out towards your right and left legs!.

Straight leg stretch: Stand w/ feet together, and without bending your knees, reach down as far as possible!. Put your weight on your toes (not your heels You can also do this one sitting!. Sit with proper posture, legs straight out in front of you and ankles together!. Reach out with your arms!. Do this both flexing and pointing your toes!.

Sideways stretch: Stand in the straight leg stretch position!. Now bring your right leg out in front of you (like you’re taking a step forward) about two feet!. This doesn’t have to be precise, just as long as you’re close!. Stand up, keep your posture back!. Now reach down to your right foot, keeping your posture back and your hips in line!. Your hips shouldn’t shift to aid you in your stretch!. Go down slowly, and if you hips shift, come back up and try again!. Go as far down as you can without shifting hips!. After doing this for a minute, bend your left leg and continue stretching to your right!. Now switch legs!.

4 Stretch: Named because it looks like a number 4!. Sit down on your butt and put both legs straight out in front of you!. Bend your left leg so that your left knee is on the ground, your left foot also on the ground with the flat side touching your right knee, and your right knee is straight with toes pointed!. See the 4 that your legs make!? Stretch, with proper posture, to your right leg!. Reach out with your arms, as far as you can!. After a minute, remembering to breathe, of course, flex your right foot and continue reaching out for another minute!. Switch legs, and repeat!.

Half squat: Squat!. Keep your right leg where it is and place your left leg straight out your left side, toes pointed, as if you were doing the center splits with your left leg!. Put your right hand on the ground to the left of your right foot!. Use your right elbow to push your right knee out!. You should feel stretching your inner thighs!. Switch sides!.

The splits: Well, if you want your splits down, shouldn’t you be doing them!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

You can probably do it in 10 - 20 days!. But you have to continually work at it!. Keep stretching throughout the day!. Touching your toes without bending your knees, stretching your legs in straddle and split positions, etc!. Google "how to do a split video" and some YouTube videos will come up!. Once you get to do the split, and you continue to do them every day, it will be natural and you won't feel the stretch anymore!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

when i tried out for cheerleading i wanted to learn how to do the splits so id have an advantage, and i got into the splits on each leg all the way down but one was less flexible, iit took me exactly seven days and every so often during the day id randomly try to go into them on the carpet, it will hurt yr knees cuz the rub, but its worth it, and listen to ur fav song and try to get pumped siked about achieving it, u will be able to do it, and stretch yr hand to yr foot against a chair thats what i did sometimes too!. goodlcuk
ull always feel it stretch a little or tiny bit, u really have to FORCE yrself to do it!.!. and its possible but once u do it dont stop or ull loose it again :[Www@QuestionHome@Com

my sister was able to do it in 30 days she still feels a little pain but it did not matter for her anymore it was her success that drives her to do it even more!.
i remember her practicing everyday by:
1!. doing the split limitless as possible
2!. while resting or doing something else she sits like an Indian<amplified and stretched> just like how yoga people sits
3!. tries to sleep with one leg stretched while the other is bent having its knees stick to her forehead
4!. finding a partner that will monitor her activities!.!.!.!.z!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

10 to 20 days is not a lot of time!.!.!.but i am sure you can do it
make sure you don't just go directly into working on the splits!.!.!.do simple stretches first!.!.when you go into to the split dont forces it down cause you could really hurt your body!. Hold the split for at least 2 minutes!. Keep doing that!. But make sure that you do both legs( you don't want to be more stretched out on one leg then the other)Www@QuestionHome@Com

yeah you should be able to get them if u work hard at it and stretch everyday!. And well i have always been flexible, and when i'm done in the splits i dont feel anything, its pretty much just like sitting to me lol!. well good luck,hope you accomplish what you want! =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Work them on a matress!.
It sinks down and stretches you out more!.

And you'll probably get it down pretty quick!.

You'll always feel a tiny stretch, since you're supposed to!.

Hope this helps!.Www@QuestionHome@Com