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What digital camera is right for me?

I have had a Casio Exilim EX-Z750( for over two years now and have loved it. I recently had some odd trouble with the LCD screen that makes the camera a hassle to use. I decided I would try looking for a new camera.

There are three key factors I am looking for:
1. Ease of use. I don't use the camera for anything professional, I just enjoy taking a lot of general pictures.
2. Size. I like the small size of this camera so something along the same lines would be great. Also a large LCD screen like this one is preferred.
3. (Most Important!) I need a no shake feature, such as this camera's anti-shake mode. My hands can shake a bit and every picture taken without the feature is a blur.

Are there any cameras you know of that would match what I am looking for?

Thank You.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker: Digital Photography Review has a Buying Guide which lets you select tons of things that are important to you and then gives you recommendations for the best cameras which meet your needs.

A big advantage to this approach is that you can change a parameter such as price range and see how that changes the recommendations.

Matching a camera to your specific needs and desires is much better than just having someone recommend models that they like.